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About us

Israel’s Gate Keepers (I.G.K) is an independent and apolitical group of volunteers, operating in Israel. I.G.K’s objective is to protect and uphold democracy in government, economics, institutional laws, governmental transparency, and other civil issues.

I.G.K is run solely by volunteers, demonstrating how any individual can participate in transforming the country, and how every citizen can influence the government by upholding their values, moral principles, and aspiring for justice within their own fields of work.

Nature of the group

Our Objectives

The goal of I.G.K is to create an era of a government  free of interests opposing the will of the people.

We are working day and night to promote free economy, governmental  transparency, leading judicial acts for a clean government and proper usage of public funds.


Investigations and Petitions filed
Areas of activity


David Cohen​

Head of research team


Adam Goldman

Head of legal department


Dana Wolf

In charge of Public Inquiries



Israel's Gate Keepers